Molecular Biology of Primary Producers (MBPP) is a Center of Excellence (CoE) funded by the Academy of Finland (2014-2019). The unique feature of our CoE is an intimate combination of photosynthesis research with modern plant molecular biology research.
The CoE is built on 3 Core Competence Areas, photosynthesis, plant stress and acclimation as well as plant development, represented by the four team leaders and their groups. Turku teams, Academy Prof., Eva-Mari Aro (director of the CoE) and Dr. Esa Tyystjärvi represent multidisciplinary photosynthesis and emerging solarfuels research fields, whereas the Helsinki teams Prof. Jaakko Kangasjärvi (vice-director of the CoE) and Prof. Yrjö Helariutta focus on signaling in plants during stress and development. The main goal of the CoE is to dissolve the borders between different disciplines in plant biology and to create a holistic picture of how the photoautotrophic organisms communicate with ever changing environment as one entity. Strong basic research in these three different research areas serves as inspiration for new innovations towards sustainable bioenergy production. Another milestone of the CoE is strong integration of 10 talented early career group leaders with particular expertise in research interfaces between the Core Competence Areas.
It is our firm belief that strong investment in interface research areas provides excellent possibilities for a paradigm shift in our understanding of plant function and environmental response, as a single unit, with highly integrated regulatory networks between different cell compartments, ranging from the shoot to the root. Lack of such knowledge has been a major obstacle in efforts to improve plant productivity and stress tolerance.

Towards unifying concepts of stress and chloroplast signaling

Integration of developmental and apoplastic signaling

Computational modeling and bioinformatics

Sustainable bioenergy production

Primary Producers